Addressing Poverty

The cycle of poverty is difficult to break, especially for rickshaw drivers in poor communities of Pakistan. Servant Project for Asia team members have distributed rickshaws to provide a sustainable means of livelihood generation for struggling families.

Sustainable Solutions

Many rickshaw drivers are unable to take their full earnings home because they don’t own their rickshaws and have to pay high rent for them. The Rickshaw project has been set up to help Christian rickshaw drivers earn a daily income. As they drive passengers, they can share the good news of Jesus. The money saved by them can now be spent on providing food and education to sustain their family.

Sharing the Gospel

The Rickshaw project not only provides sustainable livelihoods but also creates opportunities for sharing the gospel with passengers. Christian rickshaw drivers can spread the good news of Jesus while driving passengers to their destination.

The Servant Project for Asia is providing sustainable livelihoods through rickshaws in Pakistan, empowering struggling families to break the cycle of poverty. The project not only provides financial stability but also creates opportunities for sharing the gospel with passengers. Join them in their mission by supporting the Servant Project for Asia today.

Rickshaws Provide Sustainable Livelihood to Families in Pakistan
About Servant Project for Asia

Servant Project International is organization which implements humanitarian and development activities in Asia. Servant Project International is an international humanitarian organization, which was established in 2011. Servant Project International works toward impacting the world through three main pillars: Mission, Discipleship and Study. They care for people living in poverty and disaster affected areas, provide health care services, improve community sanitation, provide education sponsorship for underprivileged children, and create economic opportunities for underprivileged communities. They also build, equip and empower leaders to transform their communities through formal education, leadership seminars, and informal training opportunities.

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