Burnout is a common reality for many missionaries. The Chateau ClaireFontaine, situated in the quiet French countryside, it is the perfect place for missionary families to find peace and a bit of much-needed downtime. It is here they can spend time together as a family, sit with God in the park-like surround of the estate, enjoy the fellowship of other missionary families, and take advantage of in-house counselors as needed. Families who are working in areas of intense persecution or experiencing trauma find it a refuge with its tranquil atmosphere and loving hosts who understand what it means to be carrying heavy burdens in far away countries. Kingdom Mission Fund is making a difference in the lives of these missionaries by enabling the Sutherlins to improve their facilities at the chateau. Built in 1860, it is a picturesque home that boasts 12 bedroom and one bathroom. This year, KMF has enabled the Sutherlins to add a new bathroom in the tower for our guests. This single project will benefit countless families as the project makes the chateau a more comfortable place for families to visit.

An extra bathroom also allows the Sutherlins to renovate their existing bathroom without having to close the entire chateau, turning away guests who are in need or our services during the remodel. 

The Chateau project is sustainable because there will always be a need for missionaries to have a place to rejuvenate, renew, and restore after being in the mission field.

The answer to every struggle in the field of missions isn’t, “Maybe it’s time to come home.” As a matter of fact, it is weakening the ministry of God, as well as those who minister, when we encourage families to give up too quickly and abandon the work God has begun in them. Instead, the mission of the Chateau is to surround them with love, and the resources they need to heal. To reassure them that they have other Christians on their side who want them to be healthy, and strong, and continue running the race God laid out for them to run.

Restored and Renewed Ministry believes that the best way to serve missionaries is to reach them where they are, by providing a neutral, restful place for missionaries to retreat to.

French Chateau Bringing Rest to Missionaries
Restored and Renewed

Restored and Renewed Ministry is focused on supporting and ministering to the specific needs of missionaries around the world. Recent studies suggest that over 70% of missionaries returning from the field prematurely leave for preventable reasons like culture shock, team conflict, and depression. Restored and Restored Ministry believes that the best way to serve missionaries is to reach them where they are, by providing a neutral, restful place for missionaries to retreat to. The team of licensed family therapists, have years of ministry experience and specialize in working with families in the mission field. Using video chat technology, therapists are available to even the most remote families. Through regular care and individualized counseling plans, Restored and Renewed Ministry has been able to help families around the globe receive counseling.

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