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EWST offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theology program, which is accredited by the Polish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. A significant requirement of the B.A. program is the student practicum. The student practicum prepares students to minister in churches, fellowships, Christian organizations, and missions as well as for further study in Poland and abroad.

Students learn how to set goals, plan a ministry schedule and be consistently involved in a specific ministry for one year. The character of the student practicum involves men and women from different denominational backgrounds. The "Dorota Mita" is a student practicum ministry that was developed for people who are codependent and included a detailed program for working with codependents which can be used in future editions of support group meetings and during pastoral care duties.

The KMF grant helped in promoting the project in the rehabilitation clinic, distribution of leaflets among church members and during meetings held in the city and preparation of information for my church's website and for a brochure. Funds received from KMF in 2018 allowed students to take further steps for their personal development in ministry.

One student received training in Leuven, Belgium at a Christian Center which helps people in need, e.g. homelessness, poverty, lack of education, violence, etc. Another student developed a ministry among co-addicted/codependent families and individuals. A third student-initiated evangelistic meetings for women in her city. A Ukrainian student started a ministry among Ukrainians who need spiritual and practical support in Wroclaw, Poland.


In the past, the Polish Protestant community was splintered into many tiny groups, which hindered growth. EST addresses this situation by bringing together people from different churches and backgrounds. EST students and graduates represent various denominations: Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Pentecostal, Brethren, Catholic fellowships and independent evangelical churches. Students learn, discuss and debate in the classroom, and they also work together in ministry activities. In this way they learn mutual respect for one another and the value of cooperation instead of competition, which carries over into their ministries during their studies and after graduation.


Ministry practice is an integral part of the EST curriculum in the B.A. program. During their studies, EST students are required to be involved in ministry internships that engages them in a wide variety of Christian service. Students serve as pastors, leaders, workers and mentors in churches, communities, Christian organizations, and mission trips.


Faculty members spend a certain number of hours with their students and oversee student internships. Faculty also visit the students in their churches and communities. Ministering to new students and graduates is an ongoing and developing process to meet new paradigms and realities in Poland. Faculty and administrative staff serve together in local churches, fellowships and in various ministry projects in Wroclaw and throughout Poland with the purpose of discipleship.
Students serve as pastors, leaders, workers and mentors in churches, communities, Christian organizations, and mission trips.


Evangelism School in Poland
About Biblical Theological Seminary of Poland

During the late 1980's, Polish pastor Dr. Zygmunt Karel and Dr. Mark Young (and American educator) developed an interdenominational school of theology to strengthen the evangelical movement in Poland. The courses were primarily for the Polish people and taught in the Polish language. In October 1990, students began studying at Biblical Theological Seminary, Wroclaw. Graduates have become involved in church leadership, church planting, advanced education, foreign missions, education, ministries to youth and children, evangelistic outreach, etc. The Biblical Theological Seminary of Poland has received a Certificate of Incorporation of Domestic Non-Profit Corporation, and has become a certified 501(c)3. In 2005, the name was changed from Biblical Theological Seminary to Evangelical School of Theology. EST submitted application for national accreditation to the Polish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. In 2006, EST was recognized in Poland as an accredited school and is the first non-public, non-denominational school in Poland to receive accreditation. EST Educational Center offers a B.A. program, Open Academy of Theology (for churches), Academy of Third Age (for seniors) and conferences, lectures, workshops, training courses and concerts. The EST EC library has approximately 21,000 volumes, which is the largest evangelical collection in Poland. From 1990 to the present, EST has sought to stay focused on its core purpose and goals while making adjustments and being creative to meet new challenges and changes in Poland and its people. We are grateful to the Lord who has faithfully provided for the financial, spiritual and practical needs of EST since 1990. Please pray with us as we continue in His service “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up…” (Ephesians 4:12).

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