Moldova's Need for Economic Renewal

As the poorest country in Europe and a former part of the Soviet Union, Moldova is in need of economic renewal. However, the physical and economic needs of the people can overshadow the deeper spiritual needs, despite a cultural identity as Christians.

Empowering Moldovans through English Language Skills

TeachBeyond English Camps provide an opportunity for Moldovans to develop a valuable skill - speaking English - which can expand their educational and vocational options, bettering themselves, their community, and their nation. The camps also provide an opportunity for campers to begin a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, impacting their present life and into eternity.

English Camps as an Outreach Tool

Learning English is seen as the key to thriving in the modern global economy. English Camps are an excellent outreach tool that can provide synergy with local partners, bring new connections in the community, and expose many to the Gospel.

Sustainable and Scalable Solution

Most of the campers are willing and able to cover the costs associated with their participation, and local churches can provide finances and staffing since these camps are considered a primary outreach ministry. TeachBeyond currently operates English Camps in 10 different countries, with additional locations being added every year. The program can be adapted to a variety of contexts, including creative access countries as well as locations that are looking for a more formal program.

TeachBeyond English Camps address both the economic and spiritual needs of Moldova. By empowering Moldovans with English language skills, the camps provide opportunities for education and vocational advancement, while also offering a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ. As an outreach tool, the program can be adapted to a variety of contexts, providing a sustainable and scalable solution to address needs in communities around the world. Join TeachBeyond in their mission to empower communities through English language education by supporting their English Camps program today

English Camps in Moldova
About Teach Beyond

TeachBeyond is an international, Christian non-profit organization committed to using education as a way of introducing people to Christ and seeing them transformed by His Spirit. As followers of Jesus, the mission is to offer transformational education to children and adults by providing teaching and learning services regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion in order to promote holistic personal growth and enduring social benefit. TeachBeyond wholeheartedly desires to serve our Father’s world, to love Jesus Christ, and to see individuals and societies transformed by His Spirit through education.

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