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Thank You For Your Interest in The Kingdom Missions Fund

All of us are called to be a part of the great commission to go into the world and make disciples. For each individual and business this means something different. For some, it means to say “yes” to the call to go to a foreign country. For many of us, this means backing people who are called to the mission field with financial support and prayer.

The World Is Changing


Walls are coming back up that may affect the free ow of money and people into countries.


Increasing debt may lead to economic downturns reducing the amount of money available for charitable contributions.


The aging segments of the population tend give a higher percentage of their income than younger people.


We believe that new approaches are needed to address these challenges. That’s why we created the Kingdom missions Fund. Together we are working to:

Create a New Giving Model

Create a giving model that will providing perpetual funding to missions — even if giving rates drop in the future.

Fund Innovative Projects

Invest in innovative missions projects that are smart, sustainable and scalable. By doing this we are helping to foster new ideas that will allow missions to survive and thrive in a new world.

Our Story

Working Together to Change the World
Paul Barber

The Kingdom Missions Fund (KMF) began with one man’s faithfulness to put away $50 a month to create a fund investing in missions. Just over ten years later the fund has raised nearly $500,000 and funded smart, sustainable and scalable missions projects across the planet.

Paul Barber’s missions journey began by raising personal sup- port to be a part of Campus Crusade for Christ in the early 1970’s. Soon he found himself in he Philippines starting a missions training center. After returning from overseas he began working in the education and corporate worlds.

Like all of us, Paul each month received multiple requests to give to various missions projects. While he was faithful to give small amounts it became frustrating to see so many people with amazing visions held back by financial restraints. The need for new sources of revenue for the Kingdom became apparent. Continue Reading

Our Impact


Will you join us?

We ask you to thoughtfully and prayerfully review this website. If this strategy resonates with your heart, we ask you to consider investing in the fund. individuals can do this by making a monthly donation. Businesses can do help by providing corporate matching funds. Together, we are part of changing the world.

Give Now

Join a group of people that are making a lasting impact

When you give to the Kingdom Missions Fund you are doing more than making a one-time gift, you are investing in the future of missions.  Click on the links below to see how you could join others in giving.

5050 Club

Over a decade ago, the Kingdom Missions Fund was started by a single investor who obeyed the call of God to invest $50 a month for the sake of the Gospel. Today, the fund has grown to over $350,000. God is doing great work through the KMF. Together, we are making an impact for the Kingdom.

We would love to find at least 50 more people who would join the KMF 50/50 Club by giving $50 each month.  We also know that God can take any amount, in any frequency, and multiply it for His glory.  So the bottom line is this:  Whatever would be good for you would be great for us!

And remember – as you give, you become a part of a group of visionary people who are making high-impact investments in the Kingdom.  Won’t you join us today?