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Few things hold more power than a great idea. We are looking for projects that combine creative ideas and technology to reach people.



Missions need continual funding to survive. We are looking for projects that include sustainable models that allow the mission to begin to fund itself.



Great ideas are built to be duplicated. We invest in ideas that can be duplicated inside the mission and implemented by other missions.

Play a Part in Creating the Future of Christian Missions

The world continues to change. Advances in technology, shifts in geopolitics, and changing giving habits all require new ideas and new funding models. The Kingdom Missions Fund is a group of missions-minded individuals and business that provide venture capital for Christian missions innovation. Together we are creating new missions ideas and funding models to help share the good news with all peoples.


Even as world maps change, economies shift, and technology advances, every one of us is called to fulfill the great commission. The KMF helps find, develop, and fund innovative approaches to share the Good News.

Judith and James

We see a world where Christian missions have all of the funding they need to fulfill their missions. We provide venture capital for innovative missions projects that are Smart, Sustainable, and Scalable.

Paul Barber

The KMF started when one man obeyed the instruction of God to put aside $50 a month to create a sustainable source of funding for Christian missions. Today the fund has raised over $500,000.

Give Now

Join a group of people that are making a lasting impact

Over a decade ago, the Kingdom Missions Fund was started by a single investor who obeyed the call of God to invest $50 a month for the sake of the Gospel. Today, the fund has grown to over $400,000. God is doing great work through the KMF. Together, we are making an impact for the Kingdom.

We would love to find at least 50 more people who would join the KMF 50/50 Club by giving $50 each month.  We also know that God can take any amount, in any frequency, and multiply it for His glory.  So the bottom line is this:  Whatever would be good for you would be great for us!

And remember – as you give, you become a part of a group of visionary people who are making high-impact investments in the Kingdom.  Won’t you join us today?