Sewing Seeds of Faith for Women in Pakistan

Ten.14 Ministries

Project Description

Imagine what it was like tasting an ice cream cone for the first time. Or how about the feelings of wonder and excitement from your first trip to an amusement park. Better yet, imagine the feeling of security, knowing that your children will be able to have food on the table because of your new skill and accomplishments. For a group of women in Pakistan, these were all first experiences they had in celebration of graduating from the Ten.14 Ministries sewing program. With the passion to change Pakistan culture and empower women living in poverty, Ten.14 Ministries has developed a program dedicated to teaching women how to sew in order to make a living. Training programs scheduled for 10 women at a time are completed at the Sewing Center, where they are taught how to sew and given the materials to use. Once the women graduate the program, they are taken on a special trip to celebrate, last year it was an amusement park, and they are given a sewing machine to continue their skills at home. For many years, the expected routine for a woman and her child to go work in the fields, harvesting and collecting goods. The problem is, that this made many of the women and their children separated and vulnerable to abuse and sex trafficking. Giving a Gheel woman the chance to work from home not only lets her provide for her family, but ensures the safety of herself and her children. Ten.14 Ministries also provides impoverished women in the sewing training center with a once a week visit from a health professional. Not only does the health care professional go into the villages and spread the good news, but she also teaches women about how to maintain basic hygiene as well as providing medical care.

Integrating a program that spreads the good news and lets Gheel women learn a skill they can use at home allows growth and culture change in the Pakistan community. For many years Pakistan has been a male dominated culture, keeping women from receiving higher education and forcing them to work in the fields. Through Ten.14 Ministries, Gheel women have a chance to keep their family safe, provide for them and learn about the love of Jesus.

Due to culture, Pakistan does not let the majority of women seek employment outside of their home. Ten.14 Ministries is giving Bheel women the ability to become self employed and work from home, creating a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

Ten.14 Ministries is currently wanting to expand their program as many Gheel women know the value of the skills they will learn. The benefit of teaching these women how to sew is that they can teach their daughters how to sew, and further pass on the business. This skill can continually provide for a Gheel family and keep the women safe at home instead of working in a secluded field. Not only will these women be able to teach the skill, but they can teach the gospel as well.

Through Ten.14 Ministries, Gheel women have a chance to keep their family safe, provide for them and learn about the love of Jesus

About Ten.14 Ministries

The goal of Ten.14 Ministries is to increase the ministry workforce, provide reliable transportation for the ministers in Pakistan, stimulate the local Pakistani economy, provide ambulatory care to the “Untouchables”, and help provide an opportunity for quality education for those who would not have it otherwise. Started by Samson and Qamar Titus, both were raised in Pakistan as forth generation Christians who had a passion to preach the gospel in areas known to reject Christianity. Ten.14 Ministries has two programs dedicated to helping others, Daniel's School and Women's Worth. Both specialize in educating, uplifting and equipping those in the Pakistan community with skills they need to succeed in the developing world.

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