How One Man Helps Energize and Connect Ministries Worldwide

Your Mission Matters

Project Description

Michael Grober grew up in a missionary family up the Amazon River in a little town called Santarém in Northern Brazil. After finishing college with a degree in Business Administration, Spanish, and earning his Masters of Divinity from theology school, Mike decided he wanted to be a pastor. After going on more than 50 mission trips, Mike noticed that there were countless single missionaries and ministries, or "little guys" all over the world. He noticed many of these ministries had a heart to help others but did not know how to be sustainable, get the resources they needed, and were all alone and wrestling to fulfill their mission. They needed a friend, an advocate, someone in their corner who believed in them, and Mike wanted to be that guy! Today, through the help of Kingdom Missions Fund, Michael Grober helps fund and equip the "little guy" ministries, all over the world! Aside from funding, some of the other ways Mike helps ministries is facilitating strategic ministry planning, coaching organizations as they implement their vision, coaching others on how to become apart of a missional community, encouraging churches to become involved in missions, and training up church leaders in developing countries.

There are hundreds of small ministries doing missions international work, however many of them do not have the resources, funding, or knowledge on how to scale or grow their ministry. One of the benefits of Michael Grober's business administration degree, along with his background in missions, is that he is able to help these international ministries learn how to grow, and get connected with the network and resources they need to sustain themselves.

As long as God continues to pursue the hearts of men, there will always be people who are called into ministry. Your Mission Matters is an organization that will consistently be an advocate for these people and their ministries, to equip them with the resources they need to carry out the work of the Lord.

Through networking, Your Mission Matters has gotten small ministries in connection with larger ministries, organizations, and resources. If ministries are partnering together to make a bigger difference then the power of teamwork will cause more and more ministries to grow and expand their impact.

Because no matter how small you are, or how big your vision is, YOUR MISSION MATTERS

About Your Mission Matters

Your Mission Matters (YMM) believes that small mission organizations are the future of world missions. God loves small! He loves to use those who look to him and only him. When we think of small mission organizations, we picture the boy with the five loaves and two fish in John 6. Andrew hesitantly offered the boy’s lunch as a solution for feeding the 5,000. “But what are they for so many?” he asked. Small mission organizations show up, offer whatever they have, and witness God totally reconfigure their understanding of themselves, of others and of God himself. YMM’s goal, as Erwin McManus says, “is not to cast a vision that everyone buys into, but to create a visional community where everyone who enters in begins to have wild and God-sized dreams and visions.” We are here to champion the little guy, to be their friend, mentor, advocate. Because no matter how small you are, or how big your vision is, YOUR MISSION MATTERS.

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