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Project Description

Due to the unfortunate impacts of COVID-19, Kingdom Missions Fund has extended a helping hand to one of our valued missions partners, Ten.14 Ministries. The focus of the ministry is to reach the unreachables in Pakistan give those education and job training who would not have the opportunity to have it otherwise. They also operate projects that KMF has supported, Daniel's School and Woman's Worth. Qamar Titus and her husband founded Ten.14 Ministries and has said that the lockdown in Pakistan is easing up on some local businesses, but more cases and deaths are being declared due to the virus. Another lockdown may be imposed on the area that Ten.14 Ministries operates. All schools, including the school that Ten.14 Ministries operates for Daniel's School are closed. School fees cover the cost of the salary of the teachers. Many parents have lost their business and jobs due to COVID-19. So the ministry has been unable to pay the salaries of the teachers they support. Unfortunately the Pakistan government is not helping the private organizations, especially Christians. The Kingdom Missions Fund decided to help by paying for the school's staff salaries and keep their operations running and the teachers they support to continue to provide for their families while they are unable to work. We would like to give a special thank you to our donors who have invested in the mission of Kingdom Missions Fund. With your generosity and caring hearts, we have been able to bless Ten.14 Ministries and give them the support they need to show the love of Christ to others in Pakistan.

KMF has been such a blessing by helping us to provide training for the Bheel women through the Sewing Centers. We ask that the KMF team continue to lift us up in prayers.

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Chicken Farm Brings Sustainable Resources To Impoverished Villages in Pakistan

Chicken Farm Brings Sustainable Resources To Impoverished Villages in Pakistan

The main goal of the project is to alleviate poverty & disciple Christian farmers in their faith. The chicken farm we have built is a self-sustaining business for the family who manages it, but it also provides funding for our missionaries who have very limited funding from within Pakistan due to the extreme oppression of Christians there. The Project also impacts the lives of other villagers by providing a point of ready access to the purchase of poultry products.

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