Children in Guatemala Receive a Bible for the First Time

Jesus Bendice A Los Ninos

Project Description

Do you remember getting your first Bible? Full of pictures, vibrant colors, tales of a flood, a beautiful garden, and Jesus walking on water? Then you became older, but that Bible never changed, but you did, as you discovered a new spark you had never experienced before: reading truths about love, peace, forgiveness of sins, contentment and joy that is made available through the Savior named Jesus Christ. We all have that favorite Bible that brought us those truths, that we take with us to go to church on Sunday, Bible study on Wednesday, or a sweet morning quiet-time read. But that feeling is one that many children in Guatemala, do not have. Not because they do not have the resources to get a Bible, but because their parents forbid them from bringing one into their home. However for a church within the city, this cultural barrier does not stop them. Funded by Kingdom Missions Fund, a children’s ministry called Child’s Kingdom, was started for the purpose of teaching children the gospel, making it an interactive and fun experience, while their parents are at work. Children from all over the city, ages 2-13 come to the church and spend the day singing songs, learning stories and cultivating meaningful relationships with other believers. Every week, one of the most exciting activities for the children is to have a home cooked meal prepared by the staff. The church volunteers and staff get together and make a delicious, healthy meal for the children, serving them. This is just one of the many ways that Child’s Kingdom shows the love of Christ to the day campers. Child’s Kingdom has helped many children find Christ and has brought many families to faith from the church staff showing their children love and care.

Using a day camp to care and supervise children while integrated the gospel allows children who do not have exposure to the love of Jesus the opportunity to find Him and experience Him. Child’s Kingdom lets children use and keep bibles at their church so the children who are not allowed to have them at home can keep them there to read and learn.

The economy and family life in Guatemala often demands both parents in a family unit to work. Child’s Kingdom provides child care in their church building which is a service most parents in Guatemala need. Child’s Kingdom is sustainable because they consistently meeting the need of the culture.

After singing worship songs all day, children often come home singing the songs they learned at church. In a non-christian home, the parents of these children begin hearing these songs and begin to question what they mean. Who is Jesus? What is the joy they are talking about? From these questions spur the interest to go to church and find the answer for themselves, and that is where Christ is happily waiting for them.

The goal is to bring children to the knowledge of Jesus Christ by sharing God’s love in our lives

About Jesus Bendice A Los Ninos

In 2005 this program was designed to bless low-income children in Guatemala. At around Christmas time, these children receive a gift from a sponsor such as clothing, school supplies or toys. Sponsorship started in the USA but has expanded to Peru and Guatemala itself and it’s been growing in number. The goal is to bring children to the knowledge of Jesus Christ by sharing God’s love in our lives. Every year, a party is prepared to deliver the gifts from sponsors, along with a meal and other goodies; as well as a show, games, piñatas and most importantly the Word of God through a class. Dozens of volunteers in the USA and Guatemala work hard every year to make this possible.

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