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Project Description

Meet Miss Anita Iqbal. She grew up in Pakistan in a poor family, who did not have enough money or resources to send her or her siblings to school. Many nights, her family slept without food or water. She got married at a very early age to a man who was a drug addict, and later in their marriage started beating her and mentally abusing her, so she divorced him. In Pakistani Christian culture, divorcing your husband is strongly looked down upon because of the values of family and unity. Miss Anita felt hopeless, she wandered the streets in Pakistan looking for help, but could not find any. She began to think her life was useless, she did not have a husband anymore, and was unable to provide for herself. Where did her value come from? Eventually, she found the Servant Project for Asia’s beautification project center, funded by Kingdom Missions Fund. The team at the beautification center welcomed Miss Anita with open arms, embracing her with love just as Jesus does. They began visiting her, praying for her, offering her counsel and mentorship. The beautification center taught her skills in cosmetology and customer service, skills that she never knew she could have without schooling. Finally, Miss Anita graduated from the beautification program and from the positive influences of her teachers, found a relationship with Father God. Now, Miss Anita helps other women through the beautification training process and teaches them skills, while proclaiming her love for Jesus.

More than 80% of women living in Pakistan are uneducated and do not have professional skills. Giving them the opportunity to learn and grow in a skill with a community of other women will give them a refreshed mindset of purpose and potential. These women will also be able to provide for their families with the basic needs of life such as food, clean water, health and education training for their children.

The beauty of giving a woman who could not see the value in herself courage is one of the most beneficial things a missions minded organization can do. When a woman who has grown up with little to no education, has worked in terrible, relentless environments, and has been seen as less than for many years, receives a profitable skill, it invokes a sense of capability and accomplishment she never knew she could feel. Servant Project for Asia and their beautification training program is sustainable because there is a constant need in Pakistan for women to be given an opportunity of hope.

Women can pass down these skills to their daughters or other women to open their own businesses. These women can also teach others about the gospel in their own community. Pakistani women are also enabled to open their own beautification training centers, beauty shops, or consulting services where ever they go.

Now, Miss Anita helps other women through the beautification training process and teaches them skills, while proclaiming her love for Jesus.

About Servant Project for Asia

The mission statement of Servant Project for Asia is to educate, equip, engage, empower and evangelize communities in Pakistan. Developed to sustain and help hopeless people in rural areas in Pakistan, Servant Project for Asia has helped share the gospel to unreached people groups, provide for their basic needs, and empower women through beautification training. The objective of their next project, the beautification center, is to help train 100 women for free skills so they may reap the benefits of financial independence. The project by itself, would not only help with culture change in Pakistan, but impact 100 villages and more than 5000 women in Pakistan.

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