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The Power of a Story

Over coffee this morning, my friend Drew Davis (Director of the Arkansas Dream Center) reminded me of the power of a story.

When it comes to telling people about our missions, typically we want to rattle off a list of statistics, goals hit and accomplishments.  While these are important, the critical thing is to connect with people’s hearts.  The way you do this is through stories about individual lives changed.

It makes sense.  Jesus left 99 to go after the 1.  When we talk about the impact of our lives and our missions, it’s the “1” that matters.  It’s the story about the “1” that connects.

For the mission groups on this site, my encouragement to you is to share stories about the “1” person you have impacted this month.  Who have you met?  What is their story?  How did your life intersect with theirs?

This puts a personal face on your big vision.  It motivates donors.  And, it reminds all of us what the great call of Jesus when he launched his ministry:  to proclaim good news to the poor (one) to bind up the broken hearted (one), to free the captive (one).

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