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How are we going to fund the work of the Kingdom?

We see a world where every people group hears the good news of Jesus.  We envision a world where missions have all the financial resources they need to fulfill their calling.

What if we could group together to make a huge impact?

Sowing Seeds of Joy


To pull this off we need new ideas. We need new strategies. We need innovation.

Fortunately, there are amazing entrepreneurial people around the world who are creating new ways to engage people and fund their missions. The Kingdom Missions Fund backs these people. We group the donations of businesses and individuals to invest in missions projects that are Smart, Sustainable and Scalable.


We maximize our return on investment by funding innovative missions projects that are smart, sustainable and scalable. Our goal is to sponsor projects that are based on ideas that other missions can use. In doing this we multiply the impact of our investment.


Most missions giving is a one time event. While we never discourage anyone from giving to a specific mission, the Kingdom Missions Fund started with a plan to provide perpetual support to missions, year-after-year until Christ returns. We do this by a balanced approach that invests 80% of every year’s contributions. Then we distribute 20% plus investment earnings from the fund.


We are creating a scalable model that will make it easy for other groups to launch investment funds that sponsor missions. We are taking what we have learned and building a “fund-in-a-box” model that helps kick start new funds around the world. We will also provide coaching and oversight through the Kingdom Fund Association.

Our Impact

Our Story

Working Together to Change the World
Paul Barber

The Kingdom Missions Fund (KMF) began with one man’s faithfulness to put away $50 a month to create a fund investing in missions. Just over ten years later the fund has raised nearly $500,000 and funded smart, sustainable and scalable missions projects across the planet.

Paul Barber’s missions journey began by raising personal sup- port to be a part of Campus Crusade for Christ in the early 1970’s. Soon he found himself in he Philippines starting a missions training center. After returning from overseas he began working in the education and corporate worlds.

Like all of us, Paul each month received multiple requests to give to various missions projects. While he was faithful to give small amounts it became frustrating to see so many people with amazing visions held back by financial restraints. The need for new sources of revenue for the Kingdom became apparent. Continue Reading

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