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The purpose of the Kingdom Missions Fund is to provide perpetual ministry support with the following priorities:

  • Mission Work – locally, nationally, and globally
  • Christian Missions Education – through schools, training conferences, or seminars
  • Short-Term Missions Projects

The local churches are involved in many of the same projects that the Kingdom Missions Fund would wish to support. However, the initial vision for the Kingdom Missions Fund is that it will benefit not so much local church ministries or missions, as much as para-church ministries that seek to accomplish Kingdom work. The Kingdom Missions Fund will provide resources above and beyond regular tithes and offerings to accomplish Kingdom work that would go otherwise unfunded. The Kingdom Missions Fund will also open up our vision to mission opportunities to which we are not currently aware, and because of the Kingdom Missions Fund’s long-term investment strategy, finances will be available to grant recipients for generations to come.

It is the desire of the Kingdom Missions Fund to involve as many people as possible in Kingdom mission work, by participating with the Kingdom Missions Fund in one or more of the following ways. By becoming a:

  • Kingdom Missions Fund Board Member
  • Kingdom Missions Fund Donor
  • Missions Advisory Committee Member
  • Builders Committee Member
  • Pray Alert Support Partner
  • Kingdom Missions Fund Grant Recipient

The Kingdom Missions Fund’s overriding intent is to focus its participants on the Great Commission that Jesus Christ gave and to provide funding for His work until He comes again. We consider it our distinct privilege to be a part of this movement of His Holy Spirit, and commit ourselves anew to the advancement of His Kingdom through this effort.