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Training Equips Thai Men as Skilled Workers

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Project Description

Most of Thailand still today is rural farm land where most families have historically been rice farmers for generations. Yet, at the same time, the urban cities and tourist areas of Thailand are rapidly changing with new educational and job opportunities. This creates a growing gap between Thai men who are uneducated and unskilled to obtain these new skilled jobs. The Foundry is bridging this gap by providing training to obtain skilled jobs that create the opportunity for these men to better provide financially for their family and provide educational opportunities for their children.

In developing and emerging countries like Thailand job skill training and placement are vital to empower the local people the ability to escape poverty, increased job opportunities, transcend new economic classes, and transform the lives of families and communities.

The Foundry is one of three projects lead by GEI, also including Unleashed Emerging World Internships and Bliss Mae Baan Network. Each of these projects is under our Thai Foundation where Thai men and women give a small donation to participate in training as well as join our professional network to connect with new and on-going job opportunities. Our Thai Foundation also receives suggested donations from local employers who place and employ our skilled laborers.

The Foundry was started specifically because of the fruitfulness of our Bliss housekeeper training for Thai women. Over the last 3 years Bliss has trained over 400 Thai and hill-tribe women, and these women have continued to ask for additional skill training for men.

About Growing Entrepreneurs International

Growing Entrepreneurs International (GEI) is a US 501c3 non-profit created to develop educational and economic opportunities in the emerging world. The purpose of GEI is to grow entrepreneurs and create business for holistic transformation in developing countries.

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