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Personal Water Filters Transform a Village in Coastal Kenya

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Project Description

Living in the coastal region of Kenya on the banks of the Sabaki river means that you have a problem. The brown water is evidence that the river has been used to by people and animals. This is the same water used the quench thirsts in this hot land. Even when boiled, the orangish-brown water still contains contaminants. This leads to all kinds of health issues, leaving families perpetually sick and keeping children out of school. Sowing Seeds of Joy uncovered new technology that is changing this community. Personal water filters using similar technology similar to kidney dialysis machines allow river water to be filtered into clean drinking water. As the filters are distributed, the Sowing Seeds of Joy team shares the story of how Jesus makes us clean, brings us living water, and gives us new life. These filters are available for around $50. In 2014, the Kingdom Fund helped purchase the first 60 water filters. Through this, not only have 50 homes gained access to clean water, more than 60 people have accepted Christ. With less sickness, children are able to attend school. Now, Sowing Seeds of Joy is building a church in this community.

The water filter strategy provides a smart way to meet people in a local community. In the coastal region of Kenya all the villagers gather around to see the water instantly purified. There is no need to advertise—they just show up. Then, it becomes natural to share the good news of the cleansing work of Jesus.

Unlike expensive well drilling projects, these personal water filters are affordable and deliver immediate results. Any area that has a water source like a river can use these filters to create a source of clean water.

Drinking water poses a serious problem in areas of most third world and developing nations. This strategy can be easily replicated in areas with drinking water problems.

About Sowing Seeds of Joy

Sowing Seeds of Joy Ministries originated in 2007 as a result of the vision given to Ron & Star Nelson. Birth as a result of their spiritual response to the revelation of God’s work in the world and its present state, this endeavor of faith has catapulted them into total involvement as missionaries/mission mobilizers. As a dynamitic husband and wife team, they’ve led and been a part of countless short-term missionary teams to Haiti, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Jamaica, the Philippines, Brazil, and within the US. They’ve trained some 1000 individuals and have been instrumental and quite productive in sending out virtually some 200 short-term mission teams.

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