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Micro Chicken Farms Support Missions in Uganda

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Project Description

Missionaries in central Africa face challenges when it comes to supporting their families. Micro chicken farming can provide a steady income source with a minimal upfront investment and a small amount of space. We helped ForgottenSong establish a Hub Poultry Farm in Jinja, Uganda for the purpose of supporting, overseeing, and reproducing farms all over the country. Now there are over 100 micro-chicken farms providing a stream of income.

Micro-farming is a smart way for missions to support themselves. Not only does it create valuable protein source, selling eggs and chicken creates income while establishing relationships with local people.

The Poultry Project Pay-It-Forward Method: each recipient gives back 1000 fertilized eggs to the centralized farm or "Hub" farm. The Hub farm incubates the eggs & reproduces more chicks. These chicks, along with profits made from the HUB farm operations, are given as a micro-grant to new recipients to expand the network of farms for communities in need. Each subsequent farm also gives back 1000 fertilized eggs, creating a system of exponential reproduction.

This project has already been replicated in other areas of Africa. ForgottenSong has done an excellent job of documenting the processes and policies for a hub farm, leaving a path for others to follow.

About ForgottenSong

ForgottenSong exists to sustainably empower communities in war-torn countries by identifying and addressing causes of human suffering through business, education, vocation and meeting physical needs.

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