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Jewelry Skills Training Empowers Women in Africa

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Project Description

Single women in the poorest parts of Kenya needing to support themselves and their children have few options. James 127 decided to train women with jewelry skills training to give them a way to earn money. Kenyan trainers with expertise in different areas such as brass, leather and wire working will offer classes to women enrolled in the program. Kenyan trainers offer not only valuable skills but also provide insight into Kenyan marketing methods, business strategy and supply sourcing information. All the while, participants learn about the hope of Jesus.

James 127 Foundation has partnered with Jimani Collections and Judith & James. Both of these organizations were created to employ graduates of the J127 training program. With these partnerships the program seeks to address employment struggles after training. Graduates are given a full set of tools and are equipped to begin their own business or to find employment with our partners.

James 127 trainees are given the opportunity to create products for the foundation, providing them with money for daily essentials. This also provides funds for the organization when these products are sold in the US. In addition, both Judith & James and Jimani Collections plan to give a percentage of profits to the foundation and promote James 127 in various avenues such as New York Fashion week and other markets.

This project is scalable, as current jewelry trainees have plans to use their new skills to begin a training program of their own targeting Kenyan children rescued from the street. In addition, James 127 Foundation also has connections in Guatemala and India and plans to expand to these countries within the next 4 years.

About James 1:27 Foundation

Women living in poverty have few options to support their families. The KMF helped James 1:27 purchase sewing machines to start a sewing program in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Not only are missionaries establishing friendships with local women, the fashion items are being sold in the US to help fund the program. This model is being reproduced in other countries like Kenya.