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Child Soldiers in the Congo Discover a New Life

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Project Description

Young men living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo do not have many options. Facing a life with no name, no identity, and little opportunity, many children are recruited as soldiers. ForgottenSong provides an alternative. The KMF helped fund a scalable goat farming project to liberate current child soldiers from armed groups while empowering these former child soldiers to address Congo's perpetual violence and poverty. Together then can stand against further recruitment of child soldiers into local armed groups.

This project provides a smart alternative for these youth. Many have been ostracized from their communities. Now, they can renter society by providing a useful product.

Goats reproduce. The goat farming project is set up to provide a growing opportunity for additional youth to start a new life.

This project shows promise to be used in other areas of the world that experience child poverty and warfare.

About Forgotten Song

ForgottenSong's mission is to sustainably empower communities in war-torn countries by identifying and addressing causes of human suffering through business, education, vocation and meeting physical needs.


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