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Chicken Farm Brings Sustainable Resources to Impoverished Villages in Pakistan

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  • Chicken Farm Brings Sustainable Resources to Impoverished Villages in Pakistan

Project Description

The main goal of the project is to alleviate poverty & disciple Christian farmers in their faith. The chicken farm we have built is a self-sustaining business for the family who manages it, but it also provides funding for our missionaries who have very limited funding from within Pakistan due to the extreme oppression of Christians there. The Project also impacts the lives of other villagers by providing a point of ready access to the purchase of poultry products.

In most cases, Christians in Pakistan are oppressed and have very few opportunities to earn money or learn a trade which would give them an avenue out of poverty. This chicken farm provides economic opportunity as well as funding for missions to surrounding villages.

This project is fully funded as it relates to the building costs and the original investment of chickens. The farm will be able to sell eggs and some chickens which will allow them to be completely self-sustainable going forward and hopefully even allow this project to fund future projects as well.

We know the exact cost, materials, and timeline to build the coop which houses the chickens as well as the cost of the initial investment of chickens. These can be constructed in many villages in Pakistan or other nations where similar poverty conditions exist.

About Servant Project International

Servant Project International was started in 2011 to further the work of Sakhawat Maseeh had been doing in Asia since 2003. This collaborative partnership combined strategic training and resources with the experience, passion, and love Sakhawat has for his people to bring significant transformation and hope to the people of Pakistan. At the core of what we do are our distinct approach to Mission, Discipleship, and Study which has translated into nearly 50 missionaries working in over 40 villages on behalf of Servant Project as they care for people living in poverty and disaster affected areas.

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