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Answers to Common Questions


Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes.  The Kingdom Missions Fund is designated as a 501c3 charity in the United States. All contributions will receive a receipt.

What is the 50-50 Club?

The KMF started when one man put aside $50 a month for missions. Eighteen months later, the KMF was born. Fifteen years later, the fund had raised over $500,000. The 50-50 Club is a group of individuals who have decided to take the same step and put aside $50 a month to support the growth of the fund. Learn More.



Do you provide on-going funding for missions projects?

While we do not provide support for ongoing expenses, we focus on funding projects that have a sustainable component. The result of these projects generate on-going funding for the ministry. We are advocates for sustainable missions projects.

How do I apply for a grant?

What criteria do you have for grants?

All grant applications are thoroughly evaluated by the Missions Advisory Committee. The organization must have a 501c3 designation in the United States to be able to receive a grant.