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Increase the Impact of Your Business

Kingdom business is about more than making a profit. It’s about making an impact.

Business leaders understand both the value of a good idea and the importance of excellent execution. The Kingdom Missions Fund actively looks for missions projects that are smart, sustainable, and scalable. This allows us to create a long-term return on investment.

Partnering the Kingdom Missions Fund extends the influence of your business as you invest into innovative missions projects around the world.

Smart Strategies

The KMF was founded by business people who understand that mission groups need more than monthly support. Missions need sustainable models that generate support for the mission while inserting the volunteers deep into their local communities. We set out to discover, fund, and promote missions projects that are smart, sustainable, and scalable. When your business partners with the KMF you are partnering with a group that is championing entrepreneurial principals in the missions community.

Make a Matching Donation

Studies show that individuals are more motivated to give when they know a corporate donor can dobule their contributions. We use the contributions of our business partners to generate matching gifts from individual donors. This multiplies the impact of your giving.


Your business will be recognized as a KMF partner in all of our promotional materials. While Kingdom business owners do not give to get recognition, associating your business with us helps the Kingdom Missions Fund build credibility. It also helps the KMF generate visibility and credibility.

Sponsor the Kingdom Classic Golf Tournament

Each September the Kingdom Classic brings together Kingdom-minded business people and missions supporters for a great afternoon of golf. The prizes are a little different. The winning team in each flight gets to designate a donation to the mission of their choices. We call it “golf with a mission.”

Thank You to Our Corporate Partners