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Creating a Sustainable Financial Platform For Missions

By Darrell Amy, Kingdom Missions Fund

Every mission needs resources to function: people, time, and money. If any of these are lacking, fulfilling the mission can be a challenge.

  • If you have people and time but no funds, the ministry is under-resourced.
  • If you have people that have to put forth a lot of effort to raise funds, you become limited on time.
  • If you have lots of financial resources…

What if it were possible to conduct some or all of missions activities in a way that created resources for the mission to be financially self-sustaining–in whole or in part?

This is a question we continually ask at the Kingdom Missions Fund. We consider this for a variety of reasons:

  • With a way to generate cash, the mission could focus more time on the people.
  • With a consistent flow of cash, the mission itself could become more sustainable over the long term.
  • With a localized way to generate income, the mission could become less dependent on foreign donations–especially with  cash flow from foreign countries may be impossible when doors close in various parts of the world.
  • With a localized way to generate income, the mission could become tightly embedded in local communities in areas where traditional missions may be a challenge.
  • With a steady stream of income from a creative source it may become easier to raise funds from business owners who value innovation.

At the Kingdom Missions Fund we have seen many innovative missions projects that have sustainability built into the strategy. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Rickshaw drivers earn money to support their families while having daily opportunities to share the good news. Learn More»
  • Micro chicken farms provide income to missionaries in rural Africa. Learn More»
  • Training in sewing and jewelry skills creates income through products sold overseas. Learn More»

We’ve seen many other innovative models bring sustainability to missions including running day care centers, opening thrift shops, and running motorcycle repair shops. Each of these provide a service to the community, opening the door to new relationships while providing a financial foundation for the ministry.

Creating a sustainable cash flow model may not be possible for every mission. However, I think it is an important question every mission should consider on a regular basis.

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