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Author : darrell_amy

Creating a Sustainable Financial Platform For Missions

By Darrell Amy, Kingdom Missions Fund Every mission needs resources to function: people, time, and money. If any of these are lacking, fulfilling the mission can be a challenge. If you have people and time but no funds, the ministry is under-resourced. If you have people that have to put forth a lot of effort…

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Go In the Strength You Have

By Darlene Terry, Helping Hands-Harboring Hope This is not a great time to be heading to India. I’m in the middle of an office move, have numerous deadlines I had to complete early, have dealt with numerous printing problems for the past week with some literature I need to take; our normal doggie caretaker can’t…

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A Dream Becomes a Movement-Celebrating 10 Years

In January 2003, five men met to develop the charter for a non-profit investment fund whose earnings would provide a stream of ongoing support for innovative Christian missions projects. Ten years later, the Kingdom Missions Fund has received $319,640 in donations from businesses and individuals. The fund has distributed 83 grants totaling $115,055 and as…

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Rock of Remembrance

The New Year is a great time of looking ahead as to what the Lord might have in store for 2013, as well as reflecting on what you have seen Him do in and through you in 2012. I Chron. 16:12a states, “Remember His wonderful deeds which He has done, His marvels and judgments from…

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The Power of a Story

Over coffee this morning, my friend Drew Davis (Director of the Arkansas Dream Center) reminded me of the power of a story. When it comes to telling people about our missions, typically we want to rattle off a list of statistics, goals hit and accomplishments.  While these are important, the critical thing is to connect…

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